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Workout Like A Dancer



Workout Like A Dancer

Kalon: /kA-lon/

(n.) beauty that is more than skin deep


What We Do

  1. Weekly Classes in Paris

  2. Wellness Retreats in Europe

  3. Online Workouts

  4. Kalon Cardio Barre Teacher Training for professional dancers

Who we are


We have created workouts that use the expertise of our field to help our clients workout like dancers without needing to be dancers themselves!


The Kalon concept is a combination of expertise, fun and a touch of glam, with real results. We are a team composed entirely of professional dancers. in all aspects of our business. Our goal is to help professional dancers take a leap into a new direction after a dance career.


A fitness & wellness concept created by professional dancers with a touch of showgirl glam.

Accessible to all.


the founders...


An ex-dancer at the Lido de Paris, Sophie runs the business backstage at Kalon, developing partnerships, brainstorming new ideas and taking care of the day to day activities of the company.

She obtained her Master's Degree in Intercultural Management while she was dancing on stage at the Lido de Paris, before moving around France, the UK, Italy and the USA to get inspired by other young entrepreneurs and women in the business of arts, wellness & fitness, learning about business creation, development and management.


Sophie created Kalon with Emma to help other dancers in their transitions towards new careers, while creating workouts to help clients sculpt themselves the body of a dancer, without needing to be one !


Before starting her career at the Moulin Rouge, Emma trained as a classical dancer at the prestigious Royal Ballet School.


Her career as a dancer led her to train as a Pilates, Yoga and Gyrotonics instructor, to strengthen her body and protect it from injury. Her knowledge of these disciplines combined led her to create the Cardio Barre technique with Kalon, aiming to create a method which would be fun and accessible to all levels, while delivering real results and a "dancer's body".


Emma leads Kalon's teacher training sessions, ensuring quality instructors throughout the team.

the team...

The duo is joined by a larger network of professional dancers to create this unique concept...

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Victoria,danseuse professionnelle depuis 15 ans, est actuellement showgirl au célèbre Lido de Paris.Sa passion pour le corps et le mouvement l'ont naturellement menée au Yoga.Être à l'écoute de son corps et le traiter avec amour et bienveillance est pour elle fondamental. Les cours de Victoria sont axés sur la force et la souplesse du corps mais aussi l'apaisement et le positivisme de l'esprit. Après ses cours vous vous sentirez à la fois forte et zen.